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We’re in the home stretch! We hope to have our certificate of occupancy by the end of next week. The parking lot has been striped, they’re working on refinishing the hardwood floors, installing the floors in the addition, putting up the fence, painting, and starting the landscaping

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Recently, my dear friend and wonderful financial planner, Rob, sent me an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal about how many people often overlook pets in their estate planning. These days, pets are a real part of the family and as such, their care going forward needs to be considered in your planning

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Do you think dogs have a sense of time? I believe they do – they know how long we’ve been away and react differently based on the length of time we’re gone.

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Even though we’re still under construction, we put our first dog in the pool yesterday! TVS (Television Syndication Station) interviewed us for a segment of their Real Life 101 nationally syndicated television show.

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I’ve been thinking recently about canine massage and why many people view it as a luxury rather than a necessity. In the human world, massage is routinely prescribed by doctors these days because the medical benefits are so clear and are growing daily. Why isn’t the same thing true in the canine world?

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Have you ever moved with your dog? Some people do, and others don’t. I’m part of the group that has moved several times with my dog – sometimes across town, other times across the country.

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There’s been a flurry of activity in the last week or so. We’re putting on a new roof, the concrete driveway has been poured, and they’re working on the exterior stucco. On the interior, the insulation and drywall is being put into place. They’ve also done what is needed to stucco the pool room walls. They should be done with the stucco today, and are preparing to begin painting next Tuesday. Very exciting!

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I know I’ve written about this before, but I wanted to revisit the subject especially since I’m experiencing it with one of Yankee’s good friends, another golden retriever named Miles. Miles is spending some time with us while his “parents” are on vacation.

I was catching up on my Whole Dog Journal reading the other day and came across an interesting article regarding a different technique for training your dog. It was developed by Nancy Tanner, a trainer in Bozeman, MT who was inspired by a marine mammal training technique that was developed at Sea World in San Diego. Her training is called “Observation without Direction.” Simply put, the idea is to let your dog do whatever he wants and then learn from him

After what seemed like an eternity of a delay, we’re making progress again with the construction! Windows and doors are in, and they’re pouring part of the parking lot! New interior walls have been framed, electrical and new air conditioning work is being done in the pool room. It’s starting to take shape!

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