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This past Saturday we attended a great workshop in Ocala taught by Liz McGuire, a physical therapist for humans and someone who works with dogs for injury prevention and sports specific conditioning. While the primary focus of the workshop was on canine athletes, the techniques we learned can be applied to any dog to help keep them in…

Although I think most people are familiar with dysplasia, I thought it would be good to review what it is.  Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are the common terms used to describe the abnormal development of the respective joints. Both hip and elbow dysplasia are inherited conditions.  Hip dysplasia is due to abnormal looseness between…

In the last month or so, we’ve had calls from several people who unfortunately we were not able to help. One was a dog that was morbidly obese and as a result had heart issues. Another had a degenerative disease that had progressed to the point of hind end paralysis and loss of bladder and…

Contrary to popular belief, many dogs don’t know how to swim. And as adult dogs, many also are terrified of the water. Since there are so many backyard pools especially in states like Florida, it’s important to teach your puppy how to swim. Why? Because they can potentially drown if they fall in. At Rocky’s…

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We all know older dogs spend most of their time lying around, and when they do exercise, it’s generally a casual stroll around the neighborhood. This will take a toll on their cardiovascular system.

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Aromatherapy is often used by human therapists to help their clients relax, relieve stress, and encourage health and well-being. But what about your animals?

Considering what’s happened around us in the last week – 3 people we know, like, and respect losing their beloved dogs, it seemed fitting to write a post about grieving. For many people, a pet is more than just a pet, they are beloved members of our family, so it’s natural to feel devastated by the feelings of loss when they die.

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Depending on where you live, summertime can be hot, very hot. And humid as well. Some dogs tolerate it better than others, but still not as well as we do. That being said, summer is still a great time to be out with your dog enjoying the long hours of daylight. But there’s still a risk of heat overexposure, so you need to exercise caution and be mindful of the following …

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The Orlando Sentinel had an informative article yesterday titled “How safe is your backyard for your pets?” Is this something we think about? I know I do.

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Here’s a cute article posted in USA Today about Take Your Dog to Work Day. Heads Up Friday is Take Your Dog To Work Day

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