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There’s been a lot of discussion lately on the use of stem cells in the treatment of chronic conditions in humans. The use of embryonic stem cells has ethical and sourcing concerns in that it raises the question of whether these cells are viable and if they will be rejected by the recipient

A month ago my friend Angela, a member of my “village” which includes a lot of us theme park performers, called for help! She found a dog roaming her neighboorhood. No collar or tags, no microchip was found, but he was found to be heart worm positive. Angela put the word out! People chipped in with donations as well as offering free gifts and services as donation incentives! Enough money was raised to pay his geneorusly reduced by the vet’s bill and off he went to his foster home!

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Yesterday, I was writing a completely different article but something happened that changed the course of what I wanted to talk about.

Dogs have great memories when it suits them. Many of them are associated with food. Did you ever notice how our dogs just know where all the goodies are located? They never forget. I’m not just referring to the treat jar at home but all the treat jars in the neighborhood. If the dog received the treat from one kindly person, they’ll remember, and when out for a walk may want to take the route that leads to the reward.

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Don’t know about you, but we love spending time with our dogs. As such, we are always looking for activities that we can share with our dogs. Why does this matter? Why should we look for ways to spend time with our dogs?

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Did you know that aqua therapy was first used with horses and racing greyhounds? These animals are constantly exposed to the jarring effects of gravity and hard surfaces, consistently putting extra stress on their bones and joints, causing possible injury. Because of the effectiveness of aqua therapy for these animals, warm water therapy is now routinely recommended by veterinarians and has become a popular form of therapy in many rehabilitation centers throughout the US.

It’s another new year again and as we go about making resolutions for how we can improve during the year, I’d like us to include ways we can help our 4-legged friends! So here yet again, is a list of suggestions for ways to improve the lives of our dogs.

Love this video! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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One of the biggest issues we as dog owners have is keeping our dogs busy enough so they don’t get into trouble. If you exercise your dog’s mind and body, destructive behavior can be avoided.

I took my dog Beau to the groomer this morning and began to wonder what our dogs think about when we take them to get fully manicured and/or when we outfit them in the latest couture. They are dogs, they probably don’t really care. Do you think they look in the mirror, prance around and admire themselves? I don’t think so! It’s really for us, their owners. We want them to look cute – for most of us, they’re our children.

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