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Rocky’s Retreat is pleased to announce the official launch of our landmark study to improve the health and fitness of dogs.

When you child is in pain, there’s no mistaking it – you know it. But what about your dog? How do you know when your dog is in pain?

According to an article in USA Today, health experts predict that obesity rates will increase to around 42% by 2030, up from 36% in 2010. That’s 32 million people!

This is the story of Tanner, a blind golden retriever who also suffers from epilepsy. He wound up in an animal hospital in Tulsa OK. Things weren’t good until another dog named Blair came in after being found homeless and shot. One day they were put in the exercise yard together and Blair realized that Tanner was blind and started helping him out.

Beginning May 5th ,we are hosting our Mommie and Me fundraiser for breast cancer research and support. You can get a massage or reflexology session and your dog (if you chose to bring him or her) can experience either a massage or swim session.

The effleurage massage stroke is very versatile, and it’s a great stroke to use to calm a dog.

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I’m often asked why I wanted to go through the time, frustration, and huge expense to build Rocky’s Retreat Canine Health & Fitness Center.

Most people think all dogs can swim. That’s not true. They can do something that MAY help to save themselves should they get in that situation. But some dogs are so panicked in the water that they could actually drown. Toby’s dog Beau was one of those dogs.

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Smudge is such a great boy. His right leg was amputated last year due to an accident. He’s a 13 year old beagle shephard mix, and this was his first time in the water. It was an emotional experience for all the humans!

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You may or may not know this, but we spent a year researching what type of sanitation system we wanted to use in our center’s pool. We knew chlorine was very bad, and never considered it. Chlorine is known to cause allergies and asthma, and recent research is linking it to cancer. Even if you bathe (or rinse your dog) afterward, the damage is still done.