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Is it my imagination or are fleas already wreaking havoc on area dogs? It seems everyone we know is complaining about fleas! I don’t like using the chemicals currently on the market to control fleas, but occasionally I have to. If you don’t want to use chemicals, what are your other options?

My dog Yankee has walked all of his life in what’s called a “pace” gait. Unlike a standard gait where a dog’s diagonal legs move at the same time, a pace gate is where both limbs on the same side move forward and backward at the same time.

Thanks to DogTread, here’s a short video to show what I mean by a pace gait.

Has your dog been scratching a lot? I know my dog Yankee has. He doesn’t have fleas, so my next choice is some sort of allergy. After working with him and his diet, I’ve concluded that he has some environmental allergies. I only use natural cleansers in my home, limit fertilization and pesticides, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

I still find it amazing. Your dog knows when you’re happy, sad, angry, excited, upset, not feeling well – all the emotions we can elicit. As pet parents, we’ve become more in-tune with our dogs’ feelings and subsequently they are more in-tune to ours. Our dogs react based on our feelings and emotions and learn behaviors based on our actions. So be good! It’s been said that dogs are manifestations of their owners, you and me.

Three years ago, when one of the producers of Victoria Stillwell’s internationally known TV show “It’s Me or the Dog” contacted Toby to massage a dog (thinking Toby still lived in New Jersey where the episode was beingVictoria Stillwell visits Rocky’s Retreat filmed) we said to each other, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to have her visit Rocky’s Retreat?” Last week, it finally happened!

Kobi is a 4 year old beagle that weighs almost 70 lbs. He should probably weigh closer to 35 or 40. His weight kept creeping up and was caused by a number of circumstances. His “mom” Pam said her efforts to help him lose weight weren’t working. So she brought him to us. This video is his first visit to Rocky’s Retreat.

Recently, I was speaking with a friend about how many people often overlook pets in their estate planning. A friend of ours had just passed away and I wondered what would happen to her pets. Most likely, I figured, her daughter would take them. But that’s not always the case.

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Is your dog overweight? If so, check out this video to see what can be done to help. If your dog doesn’t lose the weight, studies show he’ll die an average of 2 years earlier than a dog at normal weight, and will suffer health problems that may include diabetes, heart, joint and breathing problems, and more. Plus you’ll be spending unnecessary time and money at the vet’s office. Do both you and your dog a favor, help him lose the weight starting today.

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I think we have all finally learned that inhaling second-hand smoke is just as bad as smoking.

The State of Colorado and Connecticut Departments of Public Health conducted studies and found that second hand smoke is greatly associated with nasal sinus cancer and linked to lung cancer in dogs. The incidence of nasal cavity tumors in dogs that were exposed to second-hand smoke was higher than dogs that lived in households with non-smoking members.

Are you thinking of making changes in your life in 2014? What about your dog? The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate what you’re doing with and for your dog so you can hopefully avoid or delay common ailments or health and behavior concerns that may affect him. If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few.

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