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A study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed a 57 percent increase in long term fitness for individuals who worked out with a personal trainer. Why is this? Here are some reasons.

Motivation and accountability. If you’re on your own you’re apt to put off working out. Not only will a personal trainer provide motivation and encouragement necessary to remain committed but will also provide a measure of structure and accountability.

I know I’ve written about this before, but I wanted to revisit the subject especially since I’m experiencing it with one of Yankee’s good friends, another golden retriever named Miles. Miles is spending some time with us while his “parents” are on vacation. Over the last week or so, we’ve had some pretty good thunderstorms. I…

Losing a loved family member is never easy. It’s something I’m going through right now so I’m reminded of how difficult it truly is. For many people, a pet is more than just a pet, they are beloved members of our family too, so it’s also natural to feel devastated by the feelings of loss when they die.

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Summer has officially arrived in Florida! We have months of hot, humid weather facing us before we can cool off outdoors again. Even though it’s hot we still need to exercise our dogs. They need it, despite the weather. So what can you do to ensure your dog still gets the exercise he needs during the summer months? Here are some suggestions.

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An interesting article by Dr. Becker talks about osteochondrosis, an orthopedic disease that occurs in young, fast growing dogs, especially large and giant breeds such as dobermans, retrievers, and great danes. The most common form of the disease is osteochondritis dissecans or OCD, a defect in bone development at the extremity of the bone.

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The 2012 survey results published by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) are out and reveal some interesting statistics. Compared to 2011, dogs are doing “slightly” better in terms of weight management. Here are the statistics:

After surgical clearance from your veterinarian, one of the best ways to rehabilitate your dog is by warm water swimming with a trained hydrotherapist. Rehabilitation from broken legs, hip and knee surgeries and some spinal surgeries can be sped up by getting the dog moving appropriately in the water. After surgery, most dogs won’t put any weight…

The AVMA recently released its 2012 US Pet Ownership & Demographic Sourcebook. Every five years a survey is conducted. The statistics are pretty interesting. Of the top 10 pet owning states, Vermont ranked highest at 71% with New Jersey, Utah and Nebraska at 51% of pet owning households.

Hydrotherapy can help older dogs with arthritis

Along with proper nutrition, grooming and regular veterinary care, a regular exercise program is essential for all dogs, but is even more important for senior dogs. Why is exercise so important for older dogs? First, it helps maintain your dog’s ideal body weight.

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My dog Beau, a seven and a half year old 70 pound mix breed was just diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. Most people are familiar with hip dysplasia in dogs, but what about elbow dysplasia (ED)?  Elbow dysplasia is a very real problem in many breeds. Medium and large breed dogs are most vulnerable but it…