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What is it about the belly rub? Whenever I try to pet my dog Yankee, he immediately rolls over and wants a belly rub. Why is that? Do all dogs want belly rubs? Why does it feel so good? When I scratch his belly in just the right way, Yankee will fall asleep. If I don’t do it just right, it sends his back leg into motion, trying to scratch away at what seems to be tickling him.

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Studies have shown that males are predominately left pawed and females right-pawed. Those that are neither (ambidextrous) have been shown to exhibit noise phobias. Those that exhibit paw preferences seem to be less reactive to disturbances as they can transfer their attention to other things more successfully.

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We’re very excited that construction has finally begun on our health and fitness center!

What a great day we had on Sunday at the 8th Annual Doggie Art Festival in Winter Park!

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What a beautiful weekend it was in central Florida!

Is your dog overweight? Did you know that if your dog is 30% above his normal weight, he is considered obese? Do you realize that by allowing your dog to become overweight, he may be facing serious health issues? Like people, extra pounds put additional stress on every organ in the body and the consequences can manifest in sickness and in worst case death

…when you’re happy, sad, angry, excited, upset, not feeling well, pensive – all the emotions we can elicit. As guardians, we’ve become more in-tune with our dogs’ feelings and subsequently they are more in-tune to ours. Our dogs will react based on our feelings and emotions and learn behaviors based on our actions. So be good! It’s been said that dogs are manifestations of their owners, you and me. They tend to take on our personalities, energy, and sometimes even our physique.

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