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On Monday, WKMG local channel 6 aired a story on the obesity epidemic facing our nation’s pets. The latest statistics show that 54% of all dogs and cats are either overweight or obese. When pets are overweight, problems like heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, joint issues, and more can surface. By having an overweight pet,…

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we wanted to talk about ways to keep dogs safe during this holiday. Here are some tips.

• Watch turkey bones. Don’t give table scraps that contain cooked turkey bones or leave plates with bones lying around. Cooked turkey bones are sharp and can be dangerous.
• Don’t give your pet fatty table scraps – this can cause pancreatitis or gastroenteritis, conditions that can be life threatening.

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Interval training is a form of cardiovascular training where short bursts of strenuous activity are followed by periods of rest, raising and lowering the heart rate during the session. Used by almost all competitive athletes, interval training has long been recognized as one of the most effective ways to improve cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, speed weight loss, and build endurance.

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Dressing up the family dog in a Halloween costume seems to be all the rage, with cute costumes and a chance to show off your adorable cute pet at one of the many Halloween costume contests that are abundant this time of year.  But unlike kids, your dog probably won’t be as happy wearing a costume especially if the…

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Did you know that Rocky’s Retreat offers fitness swims for dogs who love to swim? What is a fitness swim? It’s a session where your dog is swimming freely in the water, without one of the Rocky’s Retreat aqua therapists in the water assisting and guiding the session (to provide maximum benefit for those dogs that need it).

Swimming has been a prescribed exercise by doctors for a variety of issues such as arthritis, joint and muscle stiffness, chronic back pain, and post-surgical rehabilitation for a long time.  It’s been known to be particularly helpful for seniors who are less flexible and who may be suffering from a variety of age related conditions. …

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It is easy for us to put on a couple pounds and not notice it until we try wearing something we haven’t worn for a while. It’s even harder to notice small weight gains in dogs. So how do you know if your dog is overweight? Here are some ways to tell.

The big news this week is that Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets tore his ACL ending his season as the Jets’ star cornerback.  This isn’t the end of the world, well maybe for the Jets this season, but he will heal and most likely come back next season. The same injury that Darrelle…

I know there are different opinions as to whether table food or scraps are OK to feed your dog. Many veterinarians are adamantly opposed to feeding “people food” to a dog. I personally don’t see a problem. I’ve been feeding my dog Beau the same food I’ve been eating for a long time. In addition…

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On a day when Miles decided he just wasn’t into swimming, he just wanted to dance! See the video….

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