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How To Prepare Your Pet For Long-Term Dog Boarding

If you’re going on a trip and your pooch can’t join you, the next best option is to find a great home away from home for them while you’re away. Thankfully, you can find your solution at Rocky’s Retreat

It would be incredible if our pets could come along for the ride every time we travel. Unfortunately, that’s often not possible. Reasons that may prevent your pet from traveling with you include difficulties presented by their age or stress levels. Perhaps your dog is in the process of being house-trained and would not be able to tag along or is prone to anxiety and doesn’t travel well. Whatever the reason may be, there are some great ways you can prepare your dog for Orlando long-term dog boarding. Here are some of ours.

Sign Your Dog Up For Doggy Daycare

Signing your dog up for one or more sessions of doggy daycare at Rocky’s Retreat gives them a sneak peek of our fur-friendly facility and is a great way to ease any possible worries. 

Familiarizing your pet with a boarding facility is recommended by the American Kennel Club. Taking an introductory visit to any boarding facility can help your dog become familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells of the facility without requiring them to adjust to a longer stay right away. Dogs have a very powerful sense of smell, and helping them associate the environment with something familiar can help ease any anxiety or homesickness that could otherwise take place during an extended stay away from home. 

Learn About Health And Safety Provisions Made At The Facility 

When trusting your pet in the hands of someone else, finding out what safety precautions and other measures the facility has can provide needed reassurance. 

Our facility at Rocky’s Retreat prioritizes the health, safety, and well-being of every dog that comes to stay. Our staff members are certified to provide canine CPR or first aid if needed, and we always make sure the necessary steps are taken that will keep your pup safe and happy. 

Our pool is treated with ozone, not chlorine, to provide the healthiest environment for your dog to swim in. Though ozone often comes up in conversations that focus on concerning topics, such as greenhouse gasses and global warming, ozone itself is not harmful. This substance is not only safer and more effective for treating our pool, but it also has therapeutic properties. Through the research that we spent one full year conducting, we decided to use an ozone sanitation system that prevents exposing your dog to chlorine, which can be irritating and harmful to dogs. 

Our facility is also fully insured to cover any emergency situations that may occur. Even though we do our best to avoid any unsafe situations with our furry friends, we also value the protection that proper insurance provides for us and you. 

Include Your Pet’s Favorite Toys In Their Suitcaseorlando long term dog boarding

If your dog has any favorite toys, blankets, or treats that remind them of home, make sure to include these items in their belongings when they come to stay at our Orlando long-term dog boarding facility. 

These items can help your dog stay comfortable when they are away, and it gives our staff even more opportunity to help your dog stay active and entertained during their stay with us. Playing with a favorite frisbee or stuffed toy can make your dog’s transition from home to our dog boarding facility even easier. 

Sign Up For A Fitness Swim Session!

Our fitness swims are a great way to introduce your dog to the facility and provide some fun bonding time for both of you. These swim sessions allow you to participate in the activity by throwing balls and giving directions to your dog while they swim. Signing your dog up for one of these sessions is an exciting way to introduce them to the facility and get some exercise in the pool.

We also offer canine hydrotherapy sessions, which you may add to your dog’s overnight stay package. Hydrotherapy provides a unique water-based form of therapeutic exercise that can help to treat many canine health conditions such as arthritis, obesity, muscle weakness, and many others. 

Make your furry friend’s tail wag and sign them up for one or both of these swimming sessions! 

Schedule A Visit With Your Pet’s Veterinarian

It is important to make sure that your dog is in good health before they come to stay at a boarding facility. Being up to date on vaccinations and making sure they do not have any other health conditions that may create difficulties for them is a great way to prepare your dog for their vacation. 

If you don’t already have an established veterinarian for your dog, we have a list of recommended professionals on our website that can help point you in the right direction. 

Regularly Socialize Your Dog

Socialization is an incredibly important part of helping your dog develop a well-rounded personality and helps them learn how to interact with other dogs. Beginning to socialize your dog early is a great way to instill social skills that will help them in many circumstances. 

Even if your dog hasn’t been socialized from an early age, it can still help to take them on walks and meet new dogs to watch how they respond. If your dog is the only pet at home, placing your dog in a social environment can help to inform you about your dog’s social comfort and how they interact with others. 

Book Fido’s Vacation At Rocky’s Retreat! 

Now that you have some more ideas about how to prepare your dog for their next adventure, we hope you’ll pick up the phone and sign them up for a few nights with us. 

Contact us today for your dog’s stay at our Orlando long-term dog boarding facility!