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Is A Winter Park Dog Sitter or Dog Boarding The Right Choice?

We understand that your fur baby can’t always travel with you on trips. However, it’s essential to research and understand your two options for dog care while you’re away. Is a Winter Park dog sitter or dog boarding the best fit for your pup? Here are three questions to ask yourself before booking. 

Is Your Dog Animal-Friendly?

It’s obvious if your dog plays well with others or not. If your pup is happy-go-lucky in all walks of life, a Winter Park dog sitter and a dog boarding facility are great overnight lodging choices. However, if they don’t get along with others, you should find a boarding facility that has experience with many different kinds of animal temperaments. Contact us if you’re looking to strengthen your dog’s socialization skills. Our professional staff can help guide you through the training process safely.

Are They Sensory Seekers or Avoiders?

Is your dog the type to jump straight into the pool or get excited traveling to new places? These are signs your dog is a sensory seeker. Sensory seekers enjoy stimulating environments and exploring. Hiking, swimming, and active dogs are common sensory seeker signs that best fit dog boarding. Every dog boarding center is different, so we encourage you to research all possible options and not only the closest available. The best investment you can make for your dog while you’re away is to have a healthy and safe “home away from home.” 

On the other hand, does your dog become nervous in large and noisy group settings? A Winter Park dog sitter may seem like the best choice, but we have special accommodations for hypersensitive or anxious dogs at Rocky’s Retreat. Our facility keeps group sizes small to reduce anxiety, fear, and overwhelming factors that may scare a dog. Dog boarding clients also don’t have to stay with the group if their pup prefers their alone time in a quiet and safe space. We welcome and have experience in both sensory avoider and seeker dogs. 

Here’s a guide on understanding and treating dog anxiety. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and training to take care of all dog personalities and behaviors. Learn more about our team and their backgrounds here.   

Is Your Pet Active and High Energy?

If the answer to the question above is yes, we highly recommend dog boarding or an athletic Winter Park dog sitter with an exercise routine. Or, you can leave it to a team of animal experts who run dog group activities designed to drain your dog’s energy holistically and healthily with other dogs.

Daily routines also strengthen discipline in dogs and offer health benefits for working dog breeds or highly active types. A consistent schedule fuels the mind and improves physical health and overall happiness. Setting specific times for meals, walking, playing, and sleeping are essential to your dog’s peace of mind. Consistency has shown incredible improvement in development for dogs that come and play daily at a dog boarding facility like Rocky’s Retreat. 

Since active dogs require a physical exercise routine to drain their energy, it’s best practice to continue that routine while you’re away. Although your dog can still walk with a Winter Park dog sitter, you will get the most out of your money and your pet’s well-being through dog boarding.

Pet lodging centers aren’t just a place to sleep. They should also offer programs with the chance to socialize with other dogs. It’s crucial to nurture your dog’s pack instincts by allowing them to bond with other dogs. Dog behavior and well-being can improve through dog boarding, and we invite you to schedule a tour of our facility to see how!

If your dog is a couch potato, low-energy, older, or has mobility issues, a Winter Park dog sitter may seem like the only choice. Wrong! Rocky’s Retreat can accommodate almost all ages and energy types. Book a reservation with your pup today. 

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