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Recently we seem to be getting a lot of questions about dog food and how to choose or improve diet. People want to make sure they are doing the best they can for their dogs. I admire that. We’re the first to admit that we’re not experts, but we do know things you shouldn’t be…

Does your dog have any behavioral issues such as anxieties, noise phobias, obsessive behaviors, or aggression? Is your dog older, or does he carry emotional baggage from earlier in his life? Does he have physical issues such as skin problems, arthritis, allergies, or other conditions? If so, these conditions and more can be helped using Essential Oils….

Now that summer is here, you may be thinking of fun things to do in the greater Central Florida area with the whole family, including your dog. Without doing a lot of research, what are some activities you can do that involve your dog? Here are a few ideas for active day trips you may…

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We’re currently working with two dogs, Georgia and Edison, who are both severely overweight and are advancing in their years. If something isn’t done to take the weight off, they’ll soon begin to experience problems associated with the extra weight. Already, prior to beginning our program, one of them was having trouble breathing after walking only a very short distance.

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Leash aggression or leash reactivity as it’s also called is a behavior problem where the dog acts aggressively on leash toward other dogs, other animals, and sometimes people. I am intimately familiar with leash reactivity because Yankee exhibits this behavior (as did Rocky). He is fine off leash with most dogs, but when out walking, if he spots another dog, he initially starts by lying down, but then as the other dog gets close to us, he lunges.

Does your dog become agitated when you prepare to leave for the day? When you come home at night, does your dog seemed stressed out? Is he exhibiting symptoms like excessive barking, salivating, urinating in the house, barking, destroying items, and more while you’re away? If so, your dog may have separation anxiety.

I read an interesting article in the Orlando Sentinel the other day that talked about a new study that shows that your dog is very good at discriminating happy faces from angry ones.

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We’re often asked if we use life jackets during our dog hydrotherapy sessions at Rocky’s Retreat. The answer is no. Why? As you will see in this short video snippet, dogs often won’t move their back legs when swimming.

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Many people set New Year’s resolutions for themselves because they want to make changes in their lives, but they often forget about their dog. The New Year can be a great time to change things up especially for dogs who may have become bored with their routine. Of all the dog related resolutions we’ve heard…

With the holidays here, many people think of bringing that cute puppy home as a Christmas gift. The kids think they want a puppy, so what better gift can you give them? Before you do this, stop and think, and continue reading!

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